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Ice Caves

Hoth is famous for its deep caves, filled with stunning ice formations and otherworldly landscapes. Visitors can go on guided tours of these caves and experience their beauty and serenity.

Northern Lights

Home to some of the most spectacular Northern Lights displays in the galaxy. Visitors can take nighttime tours to view this natural phenomenon caused by charged particles colliding with the planet's atmosphere.

Nature Safari

Hoth is teeming with unique wildlife, including the towering wampa and the nimble tauntaun. Visitors can go on guided safaris to observe these creatures, and more in their natural habitats.


Extreme Thrills

With its frigid temperatures and pristine snow, Hoth is a snowboarder's paradise. This planet is a dream destination for those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush on the slopes.

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Hiking on the Ice Planet

Adventure awaits around every icy corner! Here are some exciting activities you can experience on this remote planet. From hiking to Tauntaun trekking we're sure you'll find activites to stimulate your senses!

Echo Base Trail

Take a guided hike the remote outpost that served as the Rebel Alliance's headquarters during the Battle of Hoth.

Glacier Trail

This challenging hike takes you through Hoth's majestic glaciers, offering incredible views of the planet's unique geological features. You can bathe in the warm springs year-round.

Wampa Cave Trail

This hike takes you to the infamous Wampa cave, where the ice creatures of Hoth dwell. Although the hike is relatively easy, it's important to have a knowledgeable guide to keep you safe in case of a Wampa encounter.

  • Wild Times on the Tundra

    My trip to Hoth was an out-of-this-world experience! From the moment I stepped off the ship, I was surrounded by stunning snowscapes and breathtaking glaciers. The local wildlife was unlike anything I had ever seen before, with majestic Tauntauns and fierce Wampas roaming freely across the frozen tundra.

  • A Hiker's Paradise

    Hoth was an amazing adventure! The thrill of flying through the asteroid field to get there was only surpassed by the stunning beauty of the planet itself. The sprawling ice caves and frozen lakes were like something out of a dream.

  • Wampas and Tauntauns and Ice Spiders, Oh My!

    My trip to Hoth was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The stark beauty of the planet's icy landscape was unlike anything I had ever seen, and the thrill of spotting a Hothian ice spider was indescribable.

  • Simply Unforgettable

    Hoth may be a freezing wasteland, but it's also one of the most thrilling and exciting places I've ever been to. My favorite part of the trip was snowboarding down the snowcovered peaks near the old Rebel base. I'd recommend Hoth to anyone looking for an unforgettable vacation.

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